Lily Cadeau

Lily Cadeau


Lily proudly serves Barrie and the Simcoe Region.

While volunteering at the Royal Victoria Hospital and serving on the Board of Directors for the McLaren Art Centre, she quickly learned to appreciate the strong sense of community that thrives in Barrie.

As a long time waterfront resident, she knows waterfront and understands the enjoyment that the Simcoe’s waterfront lifestyle offers. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise expands across the Simcoe region in areas of residential, investment, rural and waterfront properties.

“Sellers and Buyers across the Simcoe region have experienced the benefit of my expert knowledge and the commitment of my representation for them. My business philosophy is simply to provide integral services to my clients while developing a true and lasting connection built on trust. Helping my clients achieve their real estate goals and desires by guiding them smoothly throughout the complex selling and buying process, is what I do. Let’s discuss your home ownership goals and you decide if the connection is right.”

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