Valuable home improvements for owners and sellers

Whether individuals currently own or are selling a home, making improvements around the house can add more character, charm and utility. There are several projects that may not only add dollar value to a home, but can also make it more enticing for potential buyers. And what’s more, many of these improvements can be completed at a low cost. So whether a homeowner is simply trying to spruce up their property or getting ready to put it on the market, consider a few small alterations to make the house appealing.

 Upgrade windows and doors

The entryway to a home should be welcoming for residents, neighbors and guests, so installing new entry doors can make a house appear warmer. Several home improvement stores have a wide variety of doors to choose from, and hanging a new door is also a task that can be completed easily by the homeowner. In addition to purchasing a door that is already finished and ready to be installed, homeowners may also consider purchasing doors they can paint to add a bit of color and

character to their home. Some owners paint their doors vibrant colors, such as red, purple or blue to boost the curb appeal of their property.

In addition, installing replacement windows is another valuable investment that can hold financial benefits for current homeowners and buyers, according to AOL Real Estate. Energy-efficient windows may allow current owners to earn a tax credit for their purchase and lower energy bills for home buyers.

Make good use of additional space

Many homeowners utilize additional spaces, such as a home office, foyer or exercise room. However, it’s easy to forget about other areas that can be converted into valuable bonus rooms, such as the attic and basement. These can be remodeled to serve as additional bedrooms, entertainment areas and home offices.

Remodeling these areas can be especially valuable for sellers because they may appeal to larger families or multi-generational households, AOL Real Estate explains.

In addition, maximizing outdoor space can be a great way to expand entertainment areas for current homeowners or buyers. Outdoor grills or ovens, fireplaces and dining sets can provide an escape for owners and add an air of elegance to a home.

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